Tania Bramley

Tania Bramley

Tania Bramley is the volunteer Education Coordinator and Secretary of the Maketu Ongotoro Wetlands Society. Tania is a Marine Biologist with a passion for her local Maketu environment and her community. In the past two years, she has successfully engaged three schools in an interactive education programme that involves lessons with local experts in the classroom and field trips to local places of coastal and marine significance. The programme has been awarded the winner of the education category at the 2017 Trustpower Community Awards.

Tania Bramley uses her knowledge and passion for the sea to enhance the coastal environment in Maketu and to educate others in a fun and interactive way. She is now bringing on two new schools to the coastal education programme she has set up and is looking at seeking further funding to add a new school each year. Tania leads from behind by encouraging local experts to run the lessons with her support. She seeks funding, designs the programme to suit the schools, promotes the programme, coordinates the lessons and field trips and gives presentations to groups in the hope of raising more funds and keeping the programme as a free resource to schools. She is also in charge of the Biodiversity Management Plan for Newdicks Beach, where she is gradually restoring the beach to it’s former natural glory alongside the community. Maketu is a small coastal village that was hit hard by the Rena disaster. The community is in, beside or on the water most days of the week and Tania is raising awareness of the natural wonders of this place in a fun and inspiring way. She totally deserves this award and the prize money would go to a most deserving programme!

Nominated by: Janie Stevenson from Bay of Plenty Regional Council on 15 November 2017

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