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Ocean Champion Challenge Entries 2020

Junior Category:

Nate L. and his school friends over on Stewart Island are concerned about overfishing and pollution of the ocean on Stewart Island and beyond. They made a video, edited by Nate which address: “knowing where you’re allowed to fish, measuring your catch, knowing your catch limits and picking litter and rubbish left behind by you and others.” Check out their video.


A 7 year old Kiwi Girl is on a mission to stop plastic from getting to our beaches and ending up in the water. If we all pick up one piece of rubbish. That’s 5 million pieces of rubbish off our beaches & out of the water that goes to the ocean. Almost 2 billion pieces a year! We kept a bag & gloves in our beach bag & school bag. Now we pick up any rubbish when we see it on the beach. We even picked up rubbish at school so it doesn’t get to the water. My friends saw me & joined me too. 

I got the idea when I saw kids picking up rubbish at the beach. Instead of buying toys, we used kitchen things & nature treasures. I told my family & now they do it all too. If we share this message & people see us doing it, others will pick up even more!” Check out the instagram.


4 year old kiwi girl that loves the ocean & wants to help protect it. By not taking any plastic and taking other things to play with she wants to stop plastic from getting in the ocean and hurting the sea animals. She made her friends “nature-treasure” kits for them to use instead. “We used shells, coconut shells & twigs for sand toys. We kept a tin in the garage & return broken shells back to the beach.”Check out the instagram.


Senior Category:

Lorraine Shaab from Petone Beach Clean-up Crew

For the past 3 years Lorraine has been organizing volunteer beach clean ups. Her main concern is that several plastic manufacturers in Wellington import nurdles, the raw material used to make plastic products. These granules are being spilled during production and transportation, contaminating our beaches. 

Lorraine’s Ocean Challenge is to bring awareness to the plastic pollution problem caused by these granules. And inform the general public which are mostly unaware that these granules imported into Wellington are ending up in our stormwater drains that flow into Wellington harbour. Lorraine is committed to putting more pressure on the plastic manufacturing industry to ensure granules stop entering our waterways.

Mia & Ella, two 17 year old females in year 13 studying at Wentworth College that want to address rubbish pollution on our local beaches. “We hope that every time we visit one of the beaches we can leave it cleaner. We will discover new, cleaner ways to live, through education and research, and practice them daily. We would like to further educate ourselves, and others, on the effects of pollution on our oceans by watching documentaries and reading, as well as cutting down plastic use in our everyday lives.”


Group/Organization Ocean Champion Challenge Entries

Wentworth CollegeStudents at Wentworth College in Years 7-9 (11-14) &Year 12 (16 & 17) Marine Science students are investigating how actions on the land surrounding intertidal regions can have an impact on marine biodiversity. They are working on increasing awareness of the biodiversity of the intertidal zone to students ages 11 – 18 by conducting marine meter squared surveys on the beach along the Whangaparaoa Peninsula. Their surveys commence with a moment to observe and reflect on the close proximity of humans to different intertidal zone and illicit from the students how activities on the land can impact organisms.


Te Tai Tokerau Debris Monitoring Project (TTTDMP), initiated in 2019, is a collaboration between local government (Northland Regional Council, NRC), education providers (NorthTec), NGOs, and passionate citizen-scientists in Northland.

 TTTDMP is part of a multi-layered approach that provides litter data for prevention, advocacy, and policy against litter in our environment. 

TTTDMP seeks to fill the spatial data voids within Northland by encouraging citizen-scientists, NGOs, and communities to collect invaluable data to provide to Central Government and plastic manufacturers. 

TTTDMP objectives are: 1) conducting surveys to compile baseline data on litter, especially marine litter; 2) filling the knowledge gap by collecting quantitative data on the presence, abundance, composition, and spatial location of litter in Northland; 3) encouraging citizen-scientists to participate in data collection while promoting environmental awareness; 4) increasing our understanding of marine litter to prevent and mitigate its adverse effects on ecosystems, wildlife, and human health. To address these objectives, sites have been monitored monthly, weekly, and randomly. 

The location, number, and type of items collected since March 2019 are being calculated and shared with the public on the TTTDMP webpage. By the end of the challenge, TTTDMP aims to have conducted over 200 surveys across 100 different sites, covered over 100 kilometres of our coastline, and collected over 20,000 items using the Marine Debris Tracker app. These surveys should help produce the first preliminary assessment on marine litter in Northland. Website link to more information.

The Ocean Champion Challenge

The national Seaweek “Ocean Champions” Challenge requires entrants to undertake a specific action to help solve a problem in the marine environment. There are two award categories – Junior (under 16) and senior. Enter the ‘Ocean Champion Challenge’ using our online form and tell us your creative ideas for improving our marine environment. Junior entrants… Continue Reading

Announcement for Seaweek 2020

Kia orakoutouOcean Lovers and Seaweek Supporters, There’s some new faces at the helm of Seaweek! We would like to announce that NZAEE is now working in partnership with Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC) to deliver Seaweek. MERC is located on the Southern end of Long Bay Beach, Auckland but the team at… Continue Reading

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The Ocean Champion Challenge Competition has come to an end and thank you to all those that entered! We will be sharing all the entries on Facebook this week in the order they came in but you can view all 2020 Ocean Champions here!! We invite you to like and share these posts to help… Read More

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